Joel ◢◼︎≡◣ ◤≡▲M Ream

Joel Ream = Chicago-land based Guitarist, Producer, Etc. 

Current Projects & Credits

Crisp's Debut LP (2017) available for download, iTunes, Spotify, @ -->

The Xavier Breaker Coalition  -  Debut Album released September 1st, 2015! This group features a smashing Chicago line up consisting of Xavier Breaker, Shaun Johnson, Rajiv Halim, Joel Ream, Marcin Fahmy, and Andrew Vogt. 

Rajiv Halim - Foundation - 2015 - (Guitar on Halim's Dream Reprise and Halim's Other Dream)


CRISP - Guitar and Bkg Vocals. (Facebook Page) (Soundcloud) - 6 piece West-burb Original Progressive funk fusion band who also likes to play a few choice 80's covers.   [2016 UPDATE: Crisp is reuniting to make a real record and play at the White Buffalo Music Festival in August]